Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Meeting May 7

That was a good meeting today, wasn't it? Here are the show and tells-if we left anyone out-sorry. We can always post a photo if you e-mail it to us.
As always, left click images to see larger.

Pat Patterson

Pam Appleyard (Shantytown)

Liz Kettle

Linda Grey

Lauren Vlcek

Katie Fowler

Gail Eamon

Elana Gunberg

Catie Kiley

Catie Kiley (close-up)

Catie Kiley (close-up)

Cass Mullane

Bette Fraser

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Lauren said...

Hi Ladies
Great show and tell yesterday! What an extraordinary group. Thanks for the creative banter.

I want to remind everyone of some of the decisions that we made as a group during our first meeting. The group is closed to additional members because it is already much larger than we anticipated, among other reasons. For these same reasons, please do not bring guests. There are people that we all would love to include, there just isn't room. There are also several people that have been told that the group is closed. So, lets be respectful of the group so that there are no hurt feelings or resentment. We all want to enjoy the group as much as possible. I will finalize the roster and bring it next meeting so that everyone has a copy. It will include all of the people that initially signed up for the group, and everyone who was at the first meeting. If your name happens to not be on the roster, then please come and talk to me about it. We will find a good solution. Lauren